Management Accounting


Granted, a lot of the work of a bookkeeper surrounds the processing of financial data and ensuring that regulatory demands are met. But here at Accubooks we have embraced the technological advances made in recent years (eg automated data entry), meaning that the time saved can be better spent on what really matters to business owners: are they making money? Are business objectives being met? What do current trends indicate as to future financial performance?

It is with such questions in mind that we go about fulfilling the management accounting function. Far from simply churning out a few reports from the accounting software, our aim is always to go that extra mile, by providing insightful commentaries on the figures, by identifying and monitoring key performance indicators, by offering attractive graphical representations of the financial data, thereby enabling our clients to have a far better grasp of how their business is performing.

If you like the sound of our approach, please get in touch and we can put together a bespoke package for your business.